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Premium Hemp Flower Cigarettes

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Premium Hemp Flower Cigarettes


All CBD products are independently tested | Full Spectrum Rich CBD Hemp | 10 Premium Hemp Flower Cigarettes



UCbetter Days Smokes are a smokeable Hemp/CBD product that aims to provide an over- the-counter, lab tested, organic, safe, all-natural product that provides people with a non- addictive, alternative to harmful, traditional cigarettes. Our smokes are Premium Flower

Our smokes come in packs of ten, and are sold at 35mg or 70mg strengths; all options being a healthier, happier alternative to smoking cigarettes and vape pens. In recent news, California is beginning to ban the sale and use of tobacco products (cigarettes and vape pens) in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“What’s your Ritual?”

Each smoke is packed with pharmaceutical grade full spectrum CBD rich hemp, withMullein and Sage for that soft refreshing flavor that calms both body & mind.

UCbetter Days Smokes are an all-natural, organically grown hemp-derived CBD smokeable product that gives people a non- addictive alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Born from decades of experience growing premium cannabis flowers, you will taste & feel the difference in your mind, body and spirit!