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CBD Just Hemp V-Pod


Ucbetter Days CBD Just Hemp Spectrum Fresh Botanical + Terpene Extraction

Formulated For:

  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Anti- Inflammatory
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At Ucbetter Days, our goal is flavor and potency. Our vPod system, affectionately known as the Vooz, produces superior flavor and kicks like a mule.

• Ultra-Clean, Natural Vapor Production
• Maximum Flavor And Potency
• Delivering A Smooth, Robust, Flavorful Toke Every Time
• New 1.0/0.5 ML Capacity VPod
• Each VPod Delivers Approximately 160 Puffs/ 1.0ml (80 Puffs / 0.5ml)
• Large Battery Capacity Powers Two VPods Of Enjoyment
• Sleek Design & Rugged Durability Make It Perfect For Adventures


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