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CBD Drink Powder Mix


Our proprietary drink mix is one of a kind, and gives you a daily dose of CBD and creatine to boost performance and decrease recovery time. Performance at your peak!



Our signature drink mix is packed with BCAA’s, NANO emulsified CBD, & creatine. 
Directions: Load 1 scoop to your bottle of water and enjoy.  Our hydrolyzed dragon fruit drink mix will flood your body with all of the essentials you need to endure through your workout.
20 mg single-use
100 mg 5 day
600 mg 30 day

Dragon Fruit Drink Mix is a 5 day supply of everything your body needs to sustain outstanding performance. With our blend of CBD, BCAA’s, B-12 vitamins, all in a delicious drink mix, you’ll feel energized and ready to perform.